I am now officialy as roch's fiance. The ceremony held on 18 August 2007 at my parents' house. Alhamdulillah the Majlis Pertunangan held smoothly.
i came back earlier on Thursday 16 August 2007 (Is it early?? :P). When i reach home that evening everything is ready :P. My hantaran, my mini pelamin.. everything is ready. i am supposed to go back on friday instead of Thursday right??:P haha sure people at home will kill me then :P.
Not much work i have to do except that i rearrange my hantaran according to my own taste and decorate my room. Even the engagement will took place at mini pelamin downstairs, my mom still asked me to decorate my room for photo session and of course the family from Sabah would like to look at my bedroom.
I can't sleep on the Friday night. I don't know why. I am not nerveous, it is just i can't sleep. May be it is because the big transition in my life will happend on the next day.. may be.. i don't know.
The photo can be found at http://alacute.fotopages.com/.
it is only 3 days left before something big happen in my life.. i will update when everything is done and i will share with all of you :) tungguuuuuuuuuuuuu...........

i got chance to go to cameron on last Saturday what a lovely date 070707. yes i went there with my bee, nurul and "her friend". actually we went there to attend nad's and adi's wedding that fall on 070707. beautiful date and beautiful bride & groom. thanks nurul for invite me to go together with u and thanks nik for driving us climb up the cameron highlands. enjoy the pics :) forgot to tell that i bought myslef a lot of strawberry, tea, dried flowers and also plants... a lot of plants in the pot and also cactus.

me & nurul

me & nurul with nad & adi

uikss.. jeling2 ye?

ok.. ok.. tak jeling lagi :)

me & my bee

nik, nurul, me & my bee


i went to almost every place in peninsular Malaysia. opss.. not completed every place actually. i never visit Teluk Intan before except i passed through the highway. i attended the wedding one of my campus mate and also PLM hicomm during my time as a PLM president. my bee drove to teluk intan and we caught in the very bad traffic jam for about 2 hours at rawang area. the journey that suppose to take 2 hours become 4 hours and we are really2 tired.

we snap a pic after too tired caught in traffic jam
the wedding was great... sham drove him self a small jeep and got a few mini cooper in yellow followed at the back. sham and alin were very gorgeous in yellow songket. Congratulations for both sham and alin. May Allah bless your marriage through all your life.. Amin.

After we attended the wedding we were heading to teluk intan town and visited the famous menara condong, taking some pictures. On the way back we went to Bidor and bought some famous buah jambu there. went back to kl, tired but we were happy :).

it's kinda long time i haven't update my blog. bz bz bz whatever people said :P anyway i managed to attend my best friend wedding, the lovely d'ja (who sit beside me from form 3 to form 5) congratulations dear and may allah bless your marriage.

da bachelorettes (all my lovely schoolmates) - faizah, fiza, mimi, norme, ani and baiti

the pengantin baru, lovely d'ja and husband

also congratulations to my schoolmate fida :)

Hai.. Finally got chance to update again. My job so far so good and i start bz of handling the responsibilities. but i still got time to find a day to go out with friends.
Last sunday i went out to midvalley with my bee and met our friends at Secret Recipes at 2p.m. The reason of gathering is to celebrate Azwan's Birthday since we haven't meet each other after the convocation. Who turned up? They are me, my bee, azwan, yus (mrs. azwan), tut, is & din. haziq, nana, din's gf and wannur didn't turn up.
It is really nice meeting all of our friends there, eating while chatting, gossiping & discussing. we talk about many things; work, life, partner and planning. Nice Huh!
After eating, tut suggested that we play foosball. The guys were playing foosball like crazy but it is full of fun anyway. After that we went for bowling and guess what sunday is glow in the dark bowling at Midvalley. We split into 2 teams and playing for 2 games and end up for sure i am the last one (expected okay! :P). Then we have drink at food court and going back.
It is fun to meet all of them back and we are planning for next vacation and also gathering. when?? hahaha cannot tell now since we understand that tut must be bz for his wedding in June. just wait...
Hi I am back! After a year i haven't update anything now I am ready to write again. Where to start??? quick quick... haih.. I am afraid if I already lost the skills of writing a very longggggggggg story like last time. Ok i start with my life in year 2006.
Alhamdulillah YEAR 2006 is a GREAT YEAR for me. Thanks Allah for blessing me through all the year. I start my 2006 with a good grade for my 2nd TRIMESTER 2005/2006 subjects. With 3 major subjects and Final Year Project (FYP) in 2 months (a short trimester) I managed to get a good result with max credit hours and i do really happy with aplhabet A in my result without taking any supplementary paper.
Starting 3rd TRIMESTER 2005/2006 with a little pressure because i need to take 8 subjects + FYP. total credit hours i took that time is 24 which is max and very rare a final year student who doing FYP taking as much as that. I agreed that I am pressure but because of that I do well in my study. In the middle of tight schedule I still can find a time to celebrate our 1st Anniversary on 12 March. Thanks Allah for give him as a precious gift to me.
I know i have to take that bunch of subjects but it's made me a person who appreciate every single minutes and wisely managed my time. I woke up early, going to every class without missed any from morning to evening & sometimes night, go to the library everyday and not missing any single notes that i've made my own together with the FYP at development phases... with the tests in row, presentations, submissions, meeting the FYP supervisor.... Alhamdulillah Allah blessed me and i completed my Degree in IT majoring in Multimedia Systems with a good grade.
Going back to my hometown, waiting for my result. and result came out in June and my name appeared in Graduation List and i was really happy!!!! I passed all the paper and i am graduated from MMU horayyyyyyyy.
The happy mode is not ending there... my bf's family from sabah do come visit my family & i (saja kenal2)and everything is in order as what we plan. Alhamdulillah....
August come and it is our convocation day. Everything also perfect. My parents and his parents meet againt and they sit side by side during our convocation while me and my bf also sit side by side and how happy and enjoy we were during the convocation day meeting up all the friends that we missed. taking photos, smiling and laughing and screaming and everything is perfect that day. My family also move to a new house in August. Alhamdulillah finally we got our dream home.
September is another great time. He got job and i also got job. he go to work and i choose not to accept the job. Celebrating my Birthday with him at my home in Kluang. He only spent one day with me because he have to go for training.
October come with hari raya. my house is under renovation and it is half done during hari raya. the contractor managed to finish the front part of the house. After a week of raya, renovation start and this time the back part of the house; kitchen and guest room. The house renovation completed in November.
November is another great story to tell. I got job as what as i wish. as a product of MSC, i wish to work with MSC status company. Alhamdulillah i work at MSC status company with the designation as i wish and i got a perfect home for me to live in KL. Everything that i plan and wish come as reality. Thanks Allah for all the bless.
December start and everything is in order and i start planning. Planning for my future and planning for everything that currently i had in my life. my family, my bee, my company all of them are important to me now.
Alhamdulillah 2006 is a GREAT year for me and wish that 2007 will be GREATER. I work hard, I pray hard.. May Allah bless me through all my life. AMIN....