This is the second raya for both of us. Like last year, we celebrated Raya at Johor first and on the 4th day of Raya we flew to Sabah. Not much to say.. let's enjoy the Raya pictures:

kat rumah mak & abah kat johor

just landing... terus gi beraya

family in Sabah

with mama tua and hubby's family in Sabah

all the cousins, nephews and nieces with mama tua

us with mama tua

Hj Othman's big family (wife, daughters, sons, daughters in law, son in law, grandchildren, grandchildren in law, cicit???)
I am happy married woman now. What.. I call myself woman??? Yes.. i am old already la.. It has been a year i am married to the man i love.. Mohd Rozalie Jaafar@Jaffar. We've got married 15 August 2008 and Alhamdulillah it is already a year old and he is a wonderful hubby. May Allah bless our marriage forever.

Updates, I already change job. I am not working with insurance company anymore. Just recently to be exact on 1st June 2009 change to a different industry. However, still doing the same work scope. Will update more and more story when i have time ;)