Hi I am back! After a year i haven't update anything now I am ready to write again. Where to start??? quick quick... haih.. I am afraid if I already lost the skills of writing a very longggggggggg story like last time. Ok i start with my life in year 2006.
Alhamdulillah YEAR 2006 is a GREAT YEAR for me. Thanks Allah for blessing me through all the year. I start my 2006 with a good grade for my 2nd TRIMESTER 2005/2006 subjects. With 3 major subjects and Final Year Project (FYP) in 2 months (a short trimester) I managed to get a good result with max credit hours and i do really happy with aplhabet A in my result without taking any supplementary paper.
Starting 3rd TRIMESTER 2005/2006 with a little pressure because i need to take 8 subjects + FYP. total credit hours i took that time is 24 which is max and very rare a final year student who doing FYP taking as much as that. I agreed that I am pressure but because of that I do well in my study. In the middle of tight schedule I still can find a time to celebrate our 1st Anniversary on 12 March. Thanks Allah for give him as a precious gift to me.
I know i have to take that bunch of subjects but it's made me a person who appreciate every single minutes and wisely managed my time. I woke up early, going to every class without missed any from morning to evening & sometimes night, go to the library everyday and not missing any single notes that i've made my own together with the FYP at development phases... with the tests in row, presentations, submissions, meeting the FYP supervisor.... Alhamdulillah Allah blessed me and i completed my Degree in IT majoring in Multimedia Systems with a good grade.
Going back to my hometown, waiting for my result. and result came out in June and my name appeared in Graduation List and i was really happy!!!! I passed all the paper and i am graduated from MMU horayyyyyyyy.
The happy mode is not ending there... my bf's family from sabah do come visit my family & i (saja kenal2)and everything is in order as what we plan. Alhamdulillah....
August come and it is our convocation day. Everything also perfect. My parents and his parents meet againt and they sit side by side during our convocation while me and my bf also sit side by side and how happy and enjoy we were during the convocation day meeting up all the friends that we missed. taking photos, smiling and laughing and screaming and everything is perfect that day. My family also move to a new house in August. Alhamdulillah finally we got our dream home.
September is another great time. He got job and i also got job. he go to work and i choose not to accept the job. Celebrating my Birthday with him at my home in Kluang. He only spent one day with me because he have to go for training.
October come with hari raya. my house is under renovation and it is half done during hari raya. the contractor managed to finish the front part of the house. After a week of raya, renovation start and this time the back part of the house; kitchen and guest room. The house renovation completed in November.
November is another great story to tell. I got job as what as i wish. as a product of MSC, i wish to work with MSC status company. Alhamdulillah i work at MSC status company with the designation as i wish and i got a perfect home for me to live in KL. Everything that i plan and wish come as reality. Thanks Allah for all the bless.
December start and everything is in order and i start planning. Planning for my future and planning for everything that currently i had in my life. my family, my bee, my company all of them are important to me now.
Alhamdulillah 2006 is a GREAT year for me and wish that 2007 will be GREATER. I work hard, I pray hard.. May Allah bless me through all my life. AMIN....