I am now officialy as roch's fiance. The ceremony held on 18 August 2007 at my parents' house. Alhamdulillah the Majlis Pertunangan held smoothly.
i came back earlier on Thursday 16 August 2007 (Is it early?? :P). When i reach home that evening everything is ready :P. My hantaran, my mini pelamin.. everything is ready. i am supposed to go back on friday instead of Thursday right??:P haha sure people at home will kill me then :P.
Not much work i have to do except that i rearrange my hantaran according to my own taste and decorate my room. Even the engagement will took place at mini pelamin downstairs, my mom still asked me to decorate my room for photo session and of course the family from Sabah would like to look at my bedroom.
I can't sleep on the Friday night. I don't know why. I am not nerveous, it is just i can't sleep. May be it is because the big transition in my life will happend on the next day.. may be.. i don't know.
The photo can be found at http://alacute.fotopages.com/.