Hai.. Finally got chance to update again. My job so far so good and i start bz of handling the responsibilities. but i still got time to find a day to go out with friends.
Last sunday i went out to midvalley with my bee and met our friends at Secret Recipes at 2p.m. The reason of gathering is to celebrate Azwan's Birthday since we haven't meet each other after the convocation. Who turned up? They are me, my bee, azwan, yus (mrs. azwan), tut, is & din. haziq, nana, din's gf and wannur didn't turn up.
It is really nice meeting all of our friends there, eating while chatting, gossiping & discussing. we talk about many things; work, life, partner and planning. Nice Huh!
After eating, tut suggested that we play foosball. The guys were playing foosball like crazy but it is full of fun anyway. After that we went for bowling and guess what sunday is glow in the dark bowling at Midvalley. We split into 2 teams and playing for 2 games and end up for sure i am the last one (expected okay! :P). Then we have drink at food court and going back.
It is fun to meet all of them back and we are planning for next vacation and also gathering. when?? hahaha cannot tell now since we understand that tut must be bz for his wedding in June. just wait...