sangat macam biasakan bila kata busy. sungguh tak sangka rupanya nak pindah ke rumah baru bz yg amatss... i also noticed that back to 2003 i have a lot of ideas to write in my blog ke sbb masa tu student so life fun sangat and now cam kureng... a lot of things happened which is fun tapi ntah cam malas nak blogged about it and tambah malas nak upload2 gambar :D

finally, decided not to have plaster ceiling, simply because it is just nice to have and our house will look smaller and tersangat panas ye (kes jenguk umah jiran2 yg dh buat).

still ulang alik every weekends ntah walau tak der nak buat apa cam suka je nk tgk.. kadang2 singgah antar barang.. kadang2 jumpa kontraktor.. kadang2 saja2 je :P

kebanyakkan major renovations are almost complete except for the aircond becuse we just found out last week how to install aircond at our unit from the management. leceh la.. banyak plak prosedur nya kalau dok apartment (ye la kata nak apartment cantik.. kang masing2 buat hal sendiri rumah dah rupa apa la plak). finally we decided to only have the aircond at the master bedroom. tak sanggup nk tgk derang hack the wall kat living hall to install the piping, wiring and etc... noooooooooooo. tak perla tak regret pun tak letak aircond kat living hall (pandai2la cari solution bila ramai org kat rumah nanti :P).

bila la nak balik kluang ni... mak cakap tak perla settlekan dulu korangnya rumah. nanti dah pindah mak dtg la. hubby is always on standby or work on weekend. cut over is very2 soon haih.. myself x lah sibuk sangat2 tapi still have to pick up ad-hoc tu yg mcm menambah2 kerja. cam ner nak balik kluang. tunggu la bila lapang skit nanti.

lagi pun kalau tibanya month of March not everyone happy. ulang balik kisah happened in 1997. everyone miss abang im. so do i. some more mak pun ada call kata dia tak berapa nak sihat that time i am in the office. i am crying... yes at the office tak leh tahan2 but when i called abah.. abah kata mak ok je saja je g check kat specialist. i even call my brother who is just came back from kluang.. he said mak ok je la x der apa pun. mana satu ni... then i keep calling my mom asked how is she and so and so and she become better. i think it is because of March. Al-Fatihah... semoga roh abang Im dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan di kalangan orang - orang yang beriman.

Miss you abang Im.. if you are still around....
February started well for me. Of coursela byk cutikan! org raya cina i pun raya cina gak! cuti panjang ari tu dipenuhi dengan balik kluang je. di samping aktiviti sampingan balik kampung pontian, jalan2 cari barang2 antik. paling penting masa tu gak reveal kat mak and abah yg kitaorg dah beli rumah. at first i thought that my parents susah nak accept that we bought an apartment instead of landed property. however, my parents ok with it and the best part is when abah said, "tahniah lah korang dah beli rumah". urghh... that's so touching. seriusss... i never feel that touch even my abah congrats me for the graduation or bonus byk ke or naik gaji byk ke.
sejak dah tau nak dpt kunci rumah.. rasa gediknya lain mcm yer! excited sgt2 nak beli itu nak beli ni nak renovate itu nak renovate ini. (AWAS! jaga budget anda baiti!) ohhh memang perlu hati2.
sementara nak tunggu dpt kunci rumah... ada lagi aktiviti.. birthday bee on 18 Feb. celebrate simple2 je by makan at tony romas. hadiah awal2 dah bg. hubby is very simple.. tak susah sgt nk layan.. apa dia nak dia tunjuk, i belikan that's all. some more we already had a pre-celebration at avillion PD earlier.
i took leave on 25th Feb just to get the house key. oh.. so excited!! i woke up early even our appointment will be at 11.00 am. had a breakfast at awan besar and meet a few of old colleagues from previous company; yazid, aziz and azariman. they told me a few will come later; adi and fauzi. however, tak jumpa the rest since we need to rush to our new home!
when we get a key.. jeng jeng jeng.... i am not so meletakkan harapan yg tinggi that our house will be perfect! reason why, i already read in the forum (those buyers created a forum) that their house not as what they wish for. but... alhamdulillah my house didn't have so much defect. i only found one crack which is normal and few little things which can be considered ok la!
start to talk to the contractor on the same day as well. just to get rough idea how much that we need to spend for yard area (put up the sliding window), grill, kitchen cabinet and etc. not wish to do the cornish. however, after thinking mcm nak ada la plak :P coz after move in mmg dah tak bleh buat cornish dah. bee asked me back either nice to have or must have. i told him that cornish is nice to have so takder pun tak per. later, this morning he asked me again... u want cornish or not. alamak! tak sempat think of it again. budget tu adalah tapi... perlu ke..  ohhhh NOooooooooooo can't think of it. i told him that semua kita dah beli except curtains and curtains are MUST HAVE. after tolak budget curtain pun still ada balance for cornish but is it really compulsory of course not.... adoiii i can't think now... i still have few days before informing our contractor that we want to do cornish as well this coming Saturday. help me!!!!!!!!