alhamdulillah 2009 is again a good year for me. banyak juga telah dicapai sepanjang thn 2009, antaranya:

- married for one year alhamdulillah mudah2an kekal hingga ke syurga
- got a new job (alhamdulillah bersyukur sangat)
- alhamdulillah pencapaian kerja yg amat memuaskan (keep it up baiti!)
- found supplement which is good for my health (USANA products - thanks to Munirah Hanim)

semua perkara2 diatas telah cukup menggembirakan utk tahun 2009.

ada juga sour memories which happened in 2009:

- lost my handphone (first time hilang barang berharga)
- one leg out for almost 2 months (however dengan izin Allah terjumpa produk USANA yang dpt membantu)

lain2 semua ok ok saja... bersyukur atas segala yang ada...

2010 a challenging year!!

- new CEO of the Company
- new HR Manager
- new job scope (may be)

however i am excited of:

- new home (insyaallah we move in next year)
- vacation (we had purchase a few but not yet utilise)
- going back to Sabah (of course!!!!!!)

err... apa lagi ye??????
orait... almost a week dah nak basi cerita annual dinner. on 4th December 2009 at Pullman Putrajaya, my Company had team building session (half day in the morning) and followed by Annual Dinner (in the evening). The theme is Masquerade Nite. Would be easier for me to organise this event since i have done once the same theme at my previous company. cool... the event run successfully and i got this credit from my CEO:

"Congratulations on a job (VERY) well done. The night session was the best that we have ever had (I think everyone will agree with this); and while I thought the "wet and wild" session was a wilder day event, this year's thing definitely promoted greater team dynamics.

I really hope that you can keep this up; and that this will serve as a benchmark for future events of this nature."

Cool!!! mau tak bestnya.. emcee of the night is Adibah Noor, Guest artists are Nash and Leina Hangat. Best sgt2 ok.. Leina Hangat is really an entertainer no more dangdut like last time she did. She is really superb! Kak Dib tak yah komen bykla... she is diva ok! best sgt!!! Nash.. dah jadi cam konsert dah.. sgt cool!! yg penting our Dato' are happy ;) yeayy...

The lucky draw prizes juga sgt attractive ok! i enjoyed my kenwood multicooker. love that so much!!! we had 7 LCD/Plasma TVs but none is mine. it's ok coz the important point is all the staff enjoyed the nite!

When everyone home, just left myself (organiser) and the event management. i can't really think of what happened anyway i lost my mobile. yes the cheap nokia 3210 classic. but who cares the price of it. for me that is my communication device and all the numbers inside are important. but no one care how important it is to me and just grab it.

The plan is to go to wedding on 5 Dec all canceled coz i need to rush to celcom to get a new sim card, do report at the hotel security, informed all bosses that i lost my phone and so many things kay!!!

Hubby drag me to the PIKOM PC Fair. The original plan is to get me a laptop price range RM2K - 2.5K after we attend the wedding. However, everything is change. We didn't managed to go to the wedding since it is already too late.

However, i managed to get 2 things :) HTC Phone & a mini notebook between the range!!!!!!!!! horeyyy.. not only one but 2 things between the range!!!!!!!!! i am happy!!!!!!!!!!! so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hubby ngan ngada2nya juga bertukar kpd HTC phone (bee.. u tak der sbb nk tukar phone sbnrnya). Reason... "i jeles la u ada HTC phone. HTC Touch Cruise plak tu walaupun bukan HTC Touch Diamond 2. If i get myself HTC Diamond 2 i will not get the notebook. so it is a good bargain i got both :) free gift byk giler kay!!!!! i love it!!! i love it!!!

Hubby kata.. " tak per la sayang... hilang satu dapat 2 dan lagi bagus dari yg lama" ye la... satu kerja ok nak copy balik phone number sbb celcom tak dpt retrive all the numbers i stored inside the sim card simply because i didn't subscribe to sim recovery package. hate that!!!! luckily i still have the old phone that i stored the number inside it. so apa lagi 2 hari kerja copy number dan belajar guna HTC phone ni. err lembab skit coz tak biasa dan tak pernah ada HTC phone touch2 plak tu :P.

however, i love my phone very much coz easily for me to send and recieve office's email too. i love both very much.. ;) eh.. love hubby too ;)