It has been 15 years he left us. if you asked me how do i feel now. I might say that i am OK. do anybody know deep inside? i guess no one. not even my parents but may be my hubby knew a little.

after 15 years, we still talk about him. nothing bad about him.. all the good things about him. even how naughty he was we still thought it is funny! i think it is all because of love. we never stop loving him. it is hard for us to forget him. he is always in our heart.

If he is still around, today he celebrated his 36 birthday. Probably a General Manager to one of the top Company in Malaysia or may be he is not in Malaysia but an expatriate at one of the leading Country in the world. He is a brilliant man.

Abang Im, we love you so much. Alfatihah...

1976 - 1997.